New Release

New Release

Hi Everyone,

I have a new release out today. Spring Break! It’s about 4 girls who go to Spring Break in 1987 in Daytona. I hope everyone enjoys.



New Release

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and is planning to have a wonderful New Year. I am happy to announce my latest release on smashwords. “The Trainer Season Two” continues the story of a womens college basketball team as they deal with the trials and tribulations of a long injury plagued season. I hope everyone enjoys and I look forward to getting feedback from everybody.

Happy Holidays,



Upcoming Release

Below is an excerpt from an upcoming release, “The Trainer, Season 2” to be released in the next couple weeks. Visit smashwords to see other books already published, including “The Trainer”

I hope everyone enjoys and as always I look forward to feedback.


Nicole and I prepared my house for everyone to come over on Christmas Eve. Nicole made a prime rib and the house was decorated for the occasion. I went out and got lots of inexpensive gifts and wrapped them up so all the girls would have a gift.


Nicole helped Jan get dressed for the party. She put on a pair of shorts as it was too much trouble to deal with long pants over the soft cast. She wore a nice linen blouse and had a comfortable sandal on her good foot. We helped her out to the sofa and had her shattered foot properly elevated on pillows.


Monica arrived first. She wore a pair of white denim jeans and a flannel shirt. She had dressy boots on under the jeans. She had a hinged brace on her injured knee. She was off the crutches at this point but still walked with a limp.


Elke was next to arrive. She wore jeans and a red turtle neck. She had a leather docksider on her good foot and her injured ankle was wrapped in the ace bandage. I helped her down onto the love seat adjacent to where Jan was on the couch. I helped her get her ankle properly elevated on pillows.


After I fixed drinks for everyone Gabriela arrived. She wore a cute dress and had a ballet style flat on her good foot. I helped her down onto a dining room chair adjacent to the living room. I helped her put her injured ankle up onto a second chair.


When dinner was ready Jan insisted that she could make it to the dining room table to enjoy dinner with everyone. Jan was a real trooper despite being in a lot of pain. While she did her best to smile I could see fear in her eyes, not only for the surgery she would go through day after tomorrow, but for the months she was going to spend on crutches and in casts.


The girls all enjoyed dinner. Afterwards we helped Jan and Elke back to the couch and the love seat. Gabriela again sat at the table with her foot elevated. Nicole, Monica and  I poured more wine and distributed it to the rest of the girl. Monica limped with a stiff leg as she took a glad to Gabriela.


We passed around gifts that I had gotten for everyone and Nicole and I had wrapped up. Everyone opened there gifts while we enjoyed our wine. The girls all grew kind of quiet and looked at each other smiling.


“Ok, what’s up?” I asked looking at the girls with a smile. “Well, all of the gifts haven’t been given out yet….” Elke said from her place on the loveseat. “No, I think that is it…” I say looking towards the bedroom where we had the gifts hidden. “Maybe one got overlooked” Gabriela said as Monica moved into the kitchen.


Monica emerged with a box 6”x6” with a ribbon on it. “What is this?” I ask looking at the package. “Well we talked to the rest of the team, we talked to coach and we even tracked down coach Swan at his new job, and we even had a donation jar in the athletic department…..” I sat wondering where all this was going. “This is for everything you do, to keep us put together, to keep us motivated or for doing the right thing and saying we can’t play” Elke says from her spot on the love seat.


Monica hands me the package and sits on the love seat next to Elke. “We asked Nicole what would be a good gift….” Jan says as I unwrapped the package. As I open the box and look in I see a piece of paper. “She said you were planning to go to Europe next summer….” Elke said. I looked at the paper with a confused look on my face.


“It’s a travel voucher….” I said examining the paper. “For $1,000…” I said taken aback. “Yes, it’s the least we could do…” Elke said watching me struggle to keep my emotions under control. “Oh my, I don’t know what to say…..” I said astonished by the gesture. “Don’t say anything, just enjoy the trip” Elke said in her German accent.


Nicole hugged me as I struggled to keep my composure. “I can’t thank all of you enough” I say first hugging Monica. I then hug Elke, and then Jan and finally Gabriela where she sits at the dining room table. “It’s from all the girls plus the others who donated, so we can’t take all the credit” Elke says.


We enjoyed the rest of the evening together. By about 10PM I could see Jan was in a lot of pain so I suggest we wind the party down so we could get her to bed and get her foot properly elevated. All the girls hugged Nicole and me as they left. They thanked us for giving them a place to celebrate Christmas, and everything else we do for them.

Latest Volume of the Last Arabesque

I am pleased to announce the latest volume in The Last Arabesque series has been published on Smashwords.

I hope everyone enjoys and I look forward to feedback.

Here is a little teaser.

Jeff told Kim about a big concert that was coming up in California in June. It was called the Monterey Pop Festival. Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Mama’s and the Poppa’s all the big acts would be there. Jeff suggested to Kim that she go with him to California. They could spend some time in San Francisco while they were out there. They had heard about the new cultural movement in the Haight Asbury area.


Kim had to think long and hard about it. She would love to see California but was uncertain about trying to travel so far while she was on crutches. Then again while she was laid up she had no time constraints, once she is back to the studio and working it will be harder to do something like this.


Jeff also suggested that if Kim was going to go along that they could make a longer trip of it and maybe go to LA also. He didn’t want to do this alone, but if she was going to go they could make the extra trip. Kim thought it over for several days before she agreed to go.


It was decided they would fly to LA on June 2nd and spend some time there. They would then drive up to San Francisco before going down to the concert in Monterey.


Kim was excited to go out west. She had never been to California even though she had heard so much about it. Jeff had been several times and told of the “Hippies” who had taken over that whole area of San Francisco.


Kim wasn’t big into “fashion” per se, but was aware that she needed to be mindful of her appearance in California in the sense that she didn’t want to look like an east coast tourist when she was there. She wasn’t necessarily interested in looking like a hippie, but wanted to be able to at least blend in and not look too obvious. She discussed this with Olga and Alice and they agreed to help.


Being an actress Alice was much more in tuned to these things and agreed to go shopping with Kim to get some appropriate clothes. The three of them shopped thrift shops, bazaars and flea markets looking for clothes for Kim. She felt satisfied that what they got was appropriately hippie without going too overboard.


As the trip grew closer Kim continued to prepare. They got their airline tickets and booked the hotels. Kim also spent a whole day on the phone making rental car reservations.


When the day finally arrived to head out Kim was very excited. She was bummed that she would have to take the trip while she was on crutches and had her foot in a cast, but she was looking forward to the journey. They called a cab to get them to LaGuardia Airport. Kim made her way through the airport on her crutches.